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How do the lessons work?

What will you learn?

Rachael teaches all styles and all ages, and lessons are tailored to suit the student. 

While the lessons are not too theory heavy, you will learn how chords, melodies, guitar solos and rhythms work so you can apply it to the next songs and solos you want to learn. 

Rachael can also help with live performance - if you are gearing up for your first live shows she can advise on what amps, pedals and other gear you will need, as well as tips on how to perform and have confidence on stage.


Where and when are the lessons?

Rachael teaches from her home studio near Arundel.


Rachael also teaches online.  You could even combine lessons online and in person if that works for you.


Times are flexible: Please contact to find one that works for you.


How long and how much are the lessons?

One on One lessons

30 mins: £16-25

45 mins: £25 

60 mins: £32-50 

Please contact for further details and pricing for group classes.

The studio

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